Agriculture Council reaches common position on GMO regulations

During their 17-18 March meeting, EU agriculture ministers adopted without debate two proposed regulations on genetically-modified organisms (GMOs): one on food and feed and another one on traceability and labelling.

With a view to ensuring a high level of health protection as well as the proper functioning of the internal market, EU agriculture ministers endorsed without further debate a common position on genetically modified food and feed. This new legislation will establish Community procedures to authorise and monitor GM food and feed, and it will also create a labelling system.

The Council also agreed a common position on a separate proposal for a regulation, concerning the traceability and labelling of GMOs as well as food and feed products produced from GMOs. This regulation will establish a framework for the traceability of products consisting of or containing GMOs in order to facilitate their accurate labelling and the monitoring of the effects on the environment and human health (see also

EURACTIV, 10 December 2002).

Both common positions will now be forwarded to the European Parliament for a second reading.


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