Commission authorises import of GM maize 1507

After the Council failed to decide on the issue, the Commission has now adopted the proposed measures and authorised the import of GM maize 1507.

As the EU-25 agriculture ministers, after repeated efforts, were unable to reach a qualified majority on the Commission’s proposal to allow import, processing and use of GM maize line 1507 in animal feed, the Commission has used its right to adopt the proposal. The application was submitted by the company Pioneer/Mycogen Seeds.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued two positive opinions on 1507 maize, one relating to food use and the other to import, feed and industrial processing and cultivation.

The Commission’s decision is valid for ten years. Before imports can start, the 1507 maize must however still undergo two other approval processes to authorise its use in food and for cultivation. As EFSA has already issued positive assessments on these, the industry expects the member states to “swiftly approve the dossiers”.

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