Dutch, Swiss and German healthcare systems score highest in ‘user-friendliness’

The EuroHealth consumer Index 2005 ranks the national healthcare of the twelve largest European countries according to how ‘user-friendly’ they are.

When the twelve national health care systems are compared, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany lead the way, scoring 48, 47 and 46 points out of 60 obtainable respectively (Poland ended up with least points – 25 – with Italy scoring 29 points).

The EuroHealth Consumer Index is compiled by a private Swedish company and is created by selecting a number of indicators describing the ‘user-friendliness’ of national healthcare systems. Taking a strong consumer view, the index adds to existing evaluations carried out by institutions such as the WHO and the OECD

Currently ranking only the twelve largest European countries, the index will be expanded in 2006 to cover the whole of the EU-25. 

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