Euro Heart Survey: gender discrimination in heart treatment

A medical survey has found major gender differences in research, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. 

The focus of the European Society of Cardiology annual congress 2005 is to improve understanding of and address issues surrounding women and cardiovascular disease (CDV). The congress examined the results of the Euro Heart Survey considering gender differences and found that major differences exist in the diagnosis and treatment of CDV between men and women. Women are less likely to be investigated for heart disease than men – and when they are, they are already more sick and do less well in treatment.

Heart disease is the biggest cause of death for men and women in the European Union. More women die of cardiovascular disease than of all cancers (including breast cancer) combined. The Commission’s Heart Health Conference held in June 2005 resulted in a plan to promote cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention measures across Europe.

  • World Health Organisation:Gender

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