Eurobarometer: EU-15 citizens enjoy the urban life

A survey conducted among EU-15 citizens living in cities shows that the vast majority are satisfied with their quality of life.

The results of a survey entitled ‘Local perceptions of quality of life in 31 European cities’ and conducted in January 2004 in the EU-15, have been published by Eurostat. The survey ranks the cities according to the following issues: job opportunities, housing costs, safety, cleanliness of cities, public transport, air pollution, integration of immigrants and overall satisfaction with the quality of life of the city. 

The survey reveals:

  • the vast majority (88%) of the respondents are satisfied living in a city;
  • general pessimism in the labour market (60% find job hunting difficult);
  • tough housing situation (72% think finding good housing is difficult);
  • huge variations in feelings of security between the cities (in Liège, Athens and Lisbon those who never or rarely feel safe outnumber those who feel safe – while in Munich, Vienna, Helsinki and Copenhagen hardly anyone feels completely unsafe). 

A European survey of 18 cities outside the EU-15 is being prepared.

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