European Food Safety Authority’s composition agreed

After intense lobbying activities and positioning, an agreement has been reached on the composition of the Management Board of the EFSA.

The Committee of Members’ Permanent Representatives to the EU (COREPER) has settled an agreement on the candidates for the Management Board of the EFSA, which now only has to be endorsed, without debate, at the next council meeting. The deal gives two seats for the agriculture sector, two for the industry, one for the trade sector and one for consumers.

The consumer organisations were critical of their weak representation in this EU authority that has been set up with the specific aim to protect consumers.


On 8 April, the Commission announced a list of 30 candidates for the Management Board of the EFSA. This list includes 6 representatives of consumer associations and 6 representatives of the food chain (2 from industry, 2 from the agricultural sector and 2 from the trade sector), as well as several ministerial officials and some academics. The Council should appoint 14 members, the 15th member will be chosen by the Commission.

The EFSA will provide independent scientific and technical support, coordinate the harmonisation of risk assessment methodologies, identify emerging food safety risks and be responsible for the operation of the rapid alert system.


The adoption of the list of board members will probably take place at the ECOFIN Council on 12 July. Half of the members will be appointed for six years, and half for four years, starting from 1 July 2002.


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