First meeting of EP Foot and Mouth Comittee

Encarnación Redondo Jiménez (EPP-ED, Spain) was appointed Chairman of the Temporary Foot and Mouth Committee of the European Parliament, at its first constituent meeting on 21 February.

The Temporary Foot and Mouth Committee's task will be to:

  • assess EU policy and the control of meat imports from third countries;
  • analyse the management of the foot-and-mouth epidemic and the implementation of Community law;
  • analyse the total impact of the foot-and-mouth epidemic on Community funds;
  • make proposals for political and legislative initiatives for the prevention and fighting of diseases in the agricultural sector in general, and to look into vaccination policy in particular
  • invite representatives of the Commission and of governments, as well as officials responsible, to attend hearings of the committee;

Wolfgang Kreissl-Dörfler (PES, Germany) was appointed Rapporteur.

The Foot and Mouth Committee will meet again on the 26th of February 2002. It will meet for a duration of 12 months, after which it will present a report to the European Parliament.


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