Health alliance draws up vision for 2050

A health stakeholder platform, Health First Europe, has launched a book that set out visions of the future of healthcare policymaking. The authors describe their work as “thought-provoking”.

Health First Europe, an alliance of patients, healthcare workers, academics, experts and industry established in 2004 to promote dialogue on the future of healthcare, has published its first book, called 2050 – A Health Odyssey. The book builds future healthcare scenarios  and outlines key steps to be taken now to ensure successful healthcare provision for future generations. 

In the context of ageing populations and technological advances, the authors of the book agree on the importance of having a global response involving a variety of actors in future health policy planning. Progress in medicine and patient care is expected to be spectacular by 2050 – mainly thanks to human cell and tissue engineering, ‘telemedicine‘, medical robotics, miniaturisation and nanotechnology. However, major reforms of EU member states’ social security systems will be necessary to ensure financial and social sustainability. 

“Innovation in medicine contributes to making healthcare systems more efficient and medical technology innovation contributes to better health and well-being which, in turn, brings wealth and productivity, employment, exports and improved European attractiveness in an increasingly competitive and globalised market. Improving patient access to medical innovation should therefore also be a strategic priority to achieve the goals set out in the Lisbon Agenda,” said the chairman of Eucomed, Dr. Drago Cerchiari.

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