World Heart Day: 28 September

Heart disease and stroke affecting women is the theme of this year’s World Heart Day.

According to theEuropean Heart Network, cardiovascular diseases are responsible for 55 per cent of all deaths in European women, making this group of diseases the largest single cause of mortality among women. This European alliance of heart foundations and NGOs draws attention to the fact that women are only half as likely as men to undergo cardiac testing for symptoms suggesting heart problems. "Sometimes women with heart disease are not taken seriously, and do not receive the appropriate tests and treatment," said the Director of the European Hearth Network Susanne Logstrup.

Heart disease and stroke are largely preventable through healthy lifestyles, including physical activity, tobacco-free living, healthy nutrition and weight control, said a press release byEucomed, the medical technology industry association.

Based on information from theWorld Heart Federation's special website, 93 countries all over the world will participate in this year's World Health Day activities, focussing on the promotion of healthy lifestyles for women.


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