Water meets Energy, Energy meets Water

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At the event, Water Innovation Europe also announced their new name: Water Europe. [Water Europe]

The Water Innovation Europe 2019 edition “Water meets Energy, Energy meets Water” was successfully concluded on the 13th of June in Brussels with about 230 participants joining us from the water & energy sector.

Professor Dragan Savic, Chief Executive Officer at KWR Watercycle Research Institute, opened the conference drawing special attention to the current facts on the water & energy nexus and highlighting the socio-economic, technological and political innovation needed in both sectors to build a Water & Energy smart society.

What are the WIE2019 take-home messages?

Four-panel sessions followed addressing: The common challenges; Water & energy services interlinkages; What the water & energy sectors can learn from each other and the actions required to achieve a  Water-Energy Smart Society with keynote speeches and interactive discussions. The conclusions of the sessions are summarized into the key messages below:

  • There are common issues standing out to the delivery of water and energy services from a nexus standpoint: the need to decouple energy/water consumption from economic growth and development, etc.
  • The actual challenge is not to optimise interlinkages between energy and water services delivery but rather to progress in terms of resilience, sustainability, and adaptability.
  • By 2050, the demand for energy will nearly double globally, with water demand estimated to increase by over 50%. The challenge of meeting growing demand is further compounded by climate change impacts.
  • Switching to a lower carbon pathway could, if not properly managed, exacerbate water stress or be limited by it.
  • Synergies and collaboration for water and energy utilities is a necessary step for the smart city of the future.
  • The increased fragmentation of the water sector, as well as governance and legal issues are the main barriers to this collaboration.
  • To reach our decarbonization target, we need to reduce energy, use greener energy and preserve water as energy is water hungry and water is a finite resource.
  • Saving water and energy is good for the planet and is good for business.

WIE2019 Pre-Conference Day Highlights

Fifteen of our Water Europe Working Groups gathered their members on the 12th of June to make an overview of their annual plans and upcoming work activities. The programme of the day continued with the Water-oriented Living Labs session with Zsuzsanna Bodi (ENOLL) and Cemre Multu (PNO Consultants) and the new SDGs 2030 agenda presentation by Gaetano Casale (IHE Delft Institute for Water Education).

Download the Atlas of the EU Water Oriented Living Labs here.

Download the SDGs’ sustainable development 2030 agenda here.

Whilst the Water Europe General Assembly was running, five successful Water-Energy-Food Nexus Projects representatives took the stage to present their innovative projects & initiatives. The H2020 projects presented are: R2PI ProjectSIM4NEXUSINCOVERINTEGROIL &SUGI

The Water Europe Awards Dinner Ceremony 2019 held on the 12th of June, was full of surprises! Before revealing Europe’s most ground-breaking water innovative solutions, we announced our new name: Water Europe!
The five winners of this year’s Awards are:
Another big highlight of this 2019 edition was the welcoming of Diane d’Arras to our Honorary Member community where she joined Boris Lesjean and Theo van den Hoven. Diane was the first President of Water Europe; her leadership has been vital for the development and progress of Water Europe since its first steps.
In parallel with the WIE2019 conference, the first group of the European Junior Water Trainees had their first week with training session, including reporting during the WIE2019 conference. The first EuroWaterStars video was also launched, highlighting the importance of the water actors’ collaboration within the EU and inspiring youth to enter the water sector! Interested? Watch their video here.



Mark your calendar: Water Knowledge Europe 2019
30-31 October 2019

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