Value added medicines: A patient-centric approach to healthcare

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In this podcast created by Medicines for Europe, the presenter informally discusses a key topic related to off-patent medicines with two or more experts, focusing on generics, biosimilar and value added medicines.

In our very first episode, we will talk about Value Added Medicines (VAMs) to understand what benefits they can deliver to patients and the whole healthcare community.

Our guests will be Monica Fletcher OBE, FERS, FQNI Honorary Research Fellow from the University of Edinburgh and Maja Sercic, Policy & Science manager at Medicines for Europe.

Kate O’Regan, Communications & Stakeholder Relations Senior Manager from Medicines for Europe will be our host.

If this episode piques your curiosity, visit the VAMs section on our website for more information.

To learn more about the benefits of VAMs for patients with respiratory diseases, check Monica Fletcher‘s publications and take a look at the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research  and at BREATHE – The Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health.

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