A new phase of COVID-19 fight

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Since the first wave of COVID-19, the EU has been working on strengthening its response to the pandemic outbreak. But now it is ready to face a new phase.

The many lessons learnt from the pandemic have already been translated into policies such as the recent enhancement of the bloc’s health agencies, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the EU’s medicines agency (EMA).

As remarked by ECDC’s Andrea Ammon, the rate of COVID-19 infections is going down across the continent although it is still very likely the bloc will see another wave of COVID-19 infections next winter.

With vaccine supply issues ahead, the focus in this new exit phase has turned on covering the needs of those most vulnerable, who still need protection, as well as on improving response through therapeutics.

But the global dimension of the pandemic is also a matter of discussion as low-income countries have so far reached only 15% of vaccination coverage.

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