Big data revolution and EU healthcare

Cross-border secondary use of health data can significantly improve research into our health systems. [whiteMocca/Shutterstock]

The ongoing big data revolution could have a significant impact on health policies in the EU.

EU policymakers say the big data could considerably change the way healthcare policies are shaped. Through a data-driven approach, health systems will be more focused on patients and be able to optimise treatments and diagnosis and ultimately save lives and bring down the costs.

But the protection of privacy will play a key role in the discussion. What is the fine line between optimised healthcare and data ownership? What are the actual benefits of big data in healthcare?

  • Andriukaitis: Big data has ‘enormous’ potential to optimise healthcare

    News | Health 29-01-2018

    The healthcare sector generates massive volumes of data, which has “immense potential” to protect and promote health and to improve healthcare and cure, according to Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis.

  • Data is the new blood

    Opinion | Promoted content | Health 14-11-2017

    “Data is the new blood”. The expression was heard at a recent e-health conference where health data and patient control took centre stage in the discussions revolving around innovation driving a more personalised approach and better outcome in healthcare, writes Wolfgang Mähr.

  • Expert: Drug remuneration based on outcome should include distributors

    News | Health 14-06-2018

    The adoption of an outcome-based approach regarding the remuneration of medicines should take into account the entire chain, including the distributors, René Jenny, President of the European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP), told

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