COVID-19 and beyond: Confidence and resilience in vaccine ecosystem

The debate over a rapid but safe and effective vaccine to fight the COVID-19 pandemic has heated up in Europe and worldwide.

Politicians are mounting pressure on the pharma industry to come up with a vaccine quickly in order to halt the catastrophic implications of the virus. On the other hand, vaccine manufacturers have emphasised that speed will not be prioritised at the expense of peoples’ safety.

Building confidence in a COVID-19 vaccine will be key in the coming months to tackle rising vaccines hesitancy. Yet, the issues of liability and compensation will take centre stage given that massive vaccination could have side-effects.

Moreover, the pandemic has also raised a number of issues related to the general resilience of immunisation systems and their future preparedness to tackle public health issues.

Many argue that the lessons learnt from the pandemic in this matter are valuable. They are now suggesting putting in place new financial frameworks that will help health systems become more efficient.

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