How can we create sustainable healthcare systems?

The new Innovatiove Health Initiative (IHI) has broadened its scope to work with more sectors in the health industry. That way it hopes to ensure better health care and innovation in Europe. [Shutterstock]

The healthcare systems of EU member states are under huge pressure to meet the growing demand for care and simultaneously support innovation in the sector.

Combined with an ageing population and the alarming burden of chronic illnesses, several experts emphasise the need to move towards a “collaborative” approach among healthcare stakeholders.

In an interview with, EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis has said that backing innovation in the pharmaceutical market and developing new evidence-based economic models is the only way forward for future healthcare.

However, what should be done in practice in order to put the patient at the core of decision-making in health matters and create a more effective and sustainable healthcare system for all stakeholders involved?

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