Transparency in the race for a COVID vaccine

The race for the COVID-19 vaccine has thrown up a number of new challenges and concerns, including over transparency and accountability. [SHUTTERSTOCK]

As the coronavirus crisis continues to have a devasting impact on people’s lives and livelihoods, all eyes are on scientists to deliver on a COVID-19 vaccine.

It is widely accepted that a safe and effective vaccine represents our best chance of a permanent escape from this pandemic.

But these vaccines are being developed at an unprecedented pace in even more unprecedented circumstances.

To navigate these unchartered territories while providing a safe vaccine at breakneck speed, regulators and industry are having to innovate to rise to the challenge this presents.

The development of a vaccine under such circumstances has raised a number of concerns, notably over transparency and accountability.

In this Event Report, EURACTIV takes a look at some of the key issues this has thrown up, and how key stakeholders, including the scientific community, regulators, and citizens, can best work together to ensure transparency and safety in this race for a vaccine.

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