Untapping personalised medicine potential 

As European society grows older, more patients are expected to suffer from long-term conditions which do not require permanent hospitalisation. In this context, personalised medicine can be a game changer. [SHUTTERSTOCK/OLSON]

Tailor-made prevention and treatment strategies for individuals are considered among the most promising breakthroughs in the European Health Union, launched in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic to reshape the way healthcare is dealt with across the bloc.

The emerging field of research known as ‘personalised medicine’ investigates technological advances that are able to predict which treatment will be best for each patient.

Nanotechnologies and digital health services are set to be major forces for change in shaping the nascent personalised healthcare sector.

In this series of articles, EURACTIV reports on how local policymakers can play a crucial role in the uptake of personalised health due to their more immediate connections to citizens.


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