Cardiovascular Disease in Europe

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“Cholesterol is a global problem and a very big risk factor for cardiovascular disease. It causes half the heart attacks that happen,” says Jules Payne, Chief Executive at Heart UK.

According to experts, cases of people with high cholesterol need to be reduced across the continent.

High cholesterol can be caused by lifestyle factors or by genetic diseases, such as Familial Hypercholesterolemia or FH.

One in 200 Europeans are impacted by FH, but many of them do not know. Doctors say that testing is crucial to address the problem.

“We should try to encourage cascade screening Europe-wide,” says Dr. Robert Cramb, Consultant Chemical Pathologist at Queen Elisabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

“If we initiated a cascade programme that went across Europe, we would be able to trace populations properly and initiate therapies properly,” he added.

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