Chemical safety in the workplace: An example of better regulation ?

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has vowed to make Better Regulation the cornerstone of policymaking in the EU, promising lean and efficient legislation that encourages business activity without compromising on health and environmental priorities.

During this workshop, examined how the proposed revision of the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive (CMD) lives up to this promise. The CMD is one of the central elements of EU workplace legislation and is of extreme importance to ensure the health and safety of European workers.

However, lengthy and fragmented decision-making processes risk overlooking the latest scientific findings and slow down the implementation of the envisaged measures.

Following a vote in the European Parliament’s Employment Committee in February 2017 and ahead of the vote in Plenary, EURACTIV organised a stakeholder workshop to discuss the way forward on some of the most critical issues currently debated.

Questions included:

– How can the policy-making process be better streamlined? How to ensure the latest scientific evidence is taken into account?
– Should the scope of the CMD be extended to substances with a reprotoxic classification?
– How can the EU ensure a more efficient process for future occupational exposure limits to additional substances?
– How to improve cooperation between the different Commission DGs, ECHA and stakeholders?

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