Electronic immunisation records: Connecting people to preventative healthcare

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This article is part of our special report Electronic immunisation record.

The recent deadly measles outbreaks across Europe demonstrate the risks around a decrease in vaccine confidence and the lack of efficient tools enabling a good monitoring of vaccination coverage.

Electronic immunisation records (EIR) could be part of the solution by providing :

1) citizens and healthcare professionals personal recommendations on vaccination,
2) data on vaccines administered to citizens, reminder systems for the next vaccination due, and recording levels of vaccination coverage at the local level,
3) electronically what already exists in a paper format (but gets lost over the individual lifespan).
EU countries will be able to properly monitor the vaccination of the population and upgrade cross-border cooperation in the event of outbreaks. That said, implementation of such an e-health tool remains challenging due to the fragmentation healthcare systems in Europe.

Part of the Joint action on Vaccination, the Digital Single Market for Europe should help remove barriers and accelerate implementation of EIR.

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