Promotion of healthy diets in the EU: What role for breakfast?

Healthy nutrition is one of the essential elements of the EU agenda aiming at reducing obesity levels. The European Union recognises the benefits of health promotion and the importance of healthy diets and physical activity in preventing chronic diseases and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Studies show that introducing small changes such as daily exercising, balanced diets and eating breakfast, can over time add up to make a significant difference. Therefore, it is necessary to intensify the efforts in EU member states at promoting healthy lifestyles through diet and exercise, in particular by emphasising the importance of breakfast. Activities of the EU platform for action on diet, physical activity & health and the high level group on nutrition and physical activity already prove member states’ willingness to tackle the issue.

EURACTIV organised this workshop to discuss how to tackle the nutrition agenda at both EU and national level and to discuss the findings of “The Importance of Breakfast in Europe Report”. Questions included:
– How can we engage decision-makers to promote breakfast as part of a balanced lifestyle?
– How is healthy nutrition being promoted across EU member states?
– Have current national campaigns and policies achieved their goals?
– What are the best practices on healthy nutrition promotion among EU member states?
– What kind of communication tools can be leveraged to improve nutrition knowledge and practices?


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