Rui Pinto: hacker, criminal, or whistleblower?

Rui Pinto, locked in pre-trial detention, has the confines of a Portuguese prison cell to consider if exposing football’s dirty secrets was worth the risk.

Said to be the main source behind the football leaks tax scandals, Pinto is paying the price for leaking four terabytes of confidential information to German news magazine, Der Spiegel – more than eighty-eight million documents were handed over, almost twice the size of the Panama Papers leak. This information led directly to the conviction of top soccer players for tax evasion, and unveiled the rape allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo. Outraged by what she says is Rui Pinto’s unjust detention, deep seated corruption in Portuguese public life and the European football industry, Ana Gomes, an outgoing MEP with the Socialists & Democrats, has launched a campaign of support for Pinto.

Gomes is rallying incoming MEPs to pursue the case for justice, and to ensure whistleblower protection for Pinto, and others like him. “Pinto is not a criminal, he’s a hero,” said Gomes.

In this video interview, Gomes speaks with Euractiv’s Brian Maguire in the European Parliament.


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