Silicones – enabling the next big leap in prosthetics and health

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Silicones play a very important role in healthcare, enabling the development of advanced technologies through innovation. They are a key part of medical devices such as artificial hearts and electronic prostheses.

Prosthetics manufacturers turn to silicones because they enable the flexible and realistic movement users require to perform a wide range of tasks. On top of that, silicones can mimic the effect of real tissue, all the way down to the finer details, creating very natural-looking prosthetics that are hard to distinguish from real limbs. Silicones are going to be a crucial part of the next big leap in the evolution of healthcare. And that’s a good thing.

Surprised? Silicone producers across Europe have come together to launch a campaign that aims to raise awareness of the little known and impressive benefits of silicones. Our year-round campaign will focus on four sectors where silicones’ enabling properties make their most smart and surprising contributions – energy, construction, healthcare and electronics.

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