This is Fur: European Parliament, 21-23 January

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Years of campaigning against the fur industry have created prejudices and myths among Europeans. The European fur sector will therefore now more than ever pro-actively focus on being a transparent and open industry, ready with facts and reliable information.

A major step in this new direction of the European fur industry will be taken 21-23 January 2014, when fur farmers and fur retailers from all over Europe come to Brussels to engage with EU politicians and civil servants. The purpose is to provide reliable information about the fur industry straight from the horse's mouth, to the EU institutions. Facts will challenge the myths and prejudices about fur and the whole industry, as well as debates concerning animal welfare, animal ethics, fashion, innovation and economics.

With a strong animal advocacy lobby present in Brussels, the debates, which will open up for audience questions, are likely to become very lively.

"We fully acknowledge the opposition to fur, and we encourage the Brussels-based animal advocacy groups to come and put forward their arguments during the event," says Bo Manderup.

The information event 'This is fur' will take place on the 3rd floor of the ASP building in the European Parliament on 21-23 January 2014. Industry representatives from all over Europe will be attending.

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