Tim Shriver: Intellectually disabled people still face mocking, humiliation

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This article is part of our special report Special Olympics 2014.

Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver welcomed the EU’s initiatives to promote social inclusion through sport, but warned that intellectually disabled people are still facing “mocking, humiliation, denial of medical care, denial of education” across the continent.

“So our population, this massive humanity you see behind us, representing over 200 million people all over the world, are still awaiting the civil right movement, the human rights movement that is rightfully theirs. We are here to continue to stimulate that movement through the joy of sports”, Shriver said.

The European Special Olympics Summer Games are organised by Special Olympics (SO) every four years in a major European city.

SO is one of the biggest sports organisations for people with intellectual disabilities. It provides year-round training and competitions for more than four millions athletes from all around the world.

These activities are meant to get together people with and without intellectual disabilities and to give them the opportunity to be involved in physical activities and competitions.

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