European Textiles and Fashion: Facts & Figures

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Textile and clothing sector is a powerful manufacturing industry in Europe. Our strength is that each step of the production chain is present in the EU.

In the last years, a number of upward trends emerged in our sector. Exports, turnover, number of companies and employment increased.

Top producers of textiles and fashion goods in the EU are Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, UK, Belgium, Poland, Romania and Austria. They produce clothes, carpets, home textiles, cellulosic fibers and technical textiles used in various sectors.

European textile and fashion companies are predominantly SMEs. They directly employ 1.69 million people, 70% of whom are women. Talented skilled employees are crucial for our sector. Until 2025, more than half a million job opening are anticipated in the sector in the EU.

Textiles and fashion companies are working hand-in-hand with other industries, service providers, consumers and authorities. But the opportunities for making profitable partnerships are not exhausted –  much more can be achieved through unexpected collaboration.

On 9 June 2016, the European textile and clothing industry invites other sectors for ‘Industrial Dialogues’ to find new areas of potential cooperation, identify common challenges and ways to tackle them together.

Find the programme of Industrial Dialogues and register free of charge to join:

EURATEX – the European Apparel and Textile Confederation, is the political voice of the textile and clothing industry in Europe.

Visit our website, check our LinkedIn, we tweet @euratex_eu


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