Business R&D investment highest in manufacturing sector

Statistics show that European businesses invest significantly more in R&D and innovation in the manufacturing sector than in the services sector. 

The latest Eurostat science, technology and innovation statistics on the gross expenditure on research and development (R&D), the number of researchers, the graduates from tertiary education, innovation expenditure and high tech trade show the following:

  • Sweden and Finland spend the highest percentage of their GDP on R&D;
  • Germany hosts the most (267,000) researchers, whereas Iceland (2%) and Finland (1.9%) have the highest shares of researchers in relation to the active population;
  • Poland has the highest percentage of graduates as a share of the population aged 20-29; 
  • Innovation expenditure as a percentage of EU-25 businesses’ turnover is higher in the manufacturing sector than in services: 
    • German (5%) and Cypriot (4.3%) businesses spend the most on the manufacturing sector; 
    • Russian businesses invest as much as 6.6% in the services sector whereas the European average varies between the Slovakian 1.8% and the Dutch and Hungarian 0.3%.

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