CARS 21 group to start work on 11 April

The high-level group CARS 21 is expected to deliver a blueprint for a regulatory framework which will foster a competitive and sustainable European automotive industry.

On Monday 11 April, the CARS 21 group will meet for the first time in Brussels. The group will adopt a work plan and have a first exchange of views on the regulatory framework needed for a competitive car industry.

The biggest challenge for this group will be to find the right balance between the needs to improve the industry’s competitiveness and societal goals of employment, road safety and environmental protection.


On 13 January 2005, the Commission announced the setting up of the high-level group CARS 21 (Competitive Automotive Regulatory System for the 21st Century). 

The experts' group consists of representatives of the Commission, the European Parliament, member states, industry, trade unions, NGOs and users. The group has been asked to provide recommendations to improve the worldwide competitiveness of the European automotive industry whilst taking into consideration social and environmental aspects.

On 28 January, the Commission launched a public consultation to give input for the work of the CARS 21 group.


  • The public consultation ends on 15 April 2005;
  • A hearing for stakeholders will be held on 26 April 2005;
  • The CARS 21 group is supposed to deliver its recommendations before the end of 2005.

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