Commission seeks to modernise school education


After repeated calls to modernise European higher learning, in support of the Lisbon Strategy, the Commission is now seeking stakeholders’ input on how to modernise school education.

On 11 July 2007, the Commission adopted a document launching a public consultation on how to modernise school education in member states. The results will feed into a future Commission Communication on the subject.

The Commission Consultation seeks input from teachers, parents and pupils on, for example, modernisation of the school curriculum, promotion of lifelong learning and the role of teachers in a rapidly changing teaching environment. Stakeholders have until 15 October to express their opinions.

“Further efforts are needed if our schools are to meet the challenges of the 21st century. In particular, they must be able to equip individuals with all the key competences they need to function in our increasingly competitive, knowledge-based society,” said Education Commissioner Ján Figel. In addition, the European Council has on many occasions stressed the key role of education and training in the EU’s long-term competitiveness.

Education and training issues being the competence of member states, the Commission’s role is limited to supporting, via different EU programmes, national education development efforts and best-practice exchange. 

This consultation on modernising education follows previous calls by the Commission for member states to modernise their higher education systems (see EURACTIV 10/05/2006).


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