Commission sets up online discussion forum on 6th Research Programme

The Commission has launched a new online discussion forum which it hopes will boost networking between research centres, scientific organisations and SMEs in preparation for the 6th Research Framework Programme.

Do you think the 6th FP will help close the ‘innovation gap’ with the US and Japan?


The new online discussion forum has the following aims:

  • to boost networking between the different actors involved in the preparation of the 6th Research Framework Programme;
  • to generate ideas and exchange information about innovative technologies, proposals and initiatives;
  • to create a virtual platform where universities, private companies and industry can combine skills and resources in the field of IST;
  • to provide a valuable tool for SMEs by bringing together all relevant information;
  • to encourage synergy and cooperation between science and industry in IST.

Dr Daniel Malkin, Head of the OECD's Science and Technology Policy Division states that the EU's research programme addresses the key areas where there is a gap between Europe and its main competitors, the US and Japan. He adds, however, that the greatest challenge for the EU is to "turn research results into productivity and economic benefits".


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