Council needs more details before adopting specific research programmes

The Research Council concluded during its meeting on 11 March it needs more details before it can adopt the rules of participation and the specific programmes of the 6th Research Framework Programme.

The Research Council stated it needs more details on the
following matters:

  • Issues relating to the competences of the programme committee
    responsible for advising the Commission on implementation of the
    specific research programmes;
  • As some Member States have proposed for a single programme
    committee meeting in different configurations, the Council wants
    more information on its practical implementation so as to ensure
    “full clarity, transparency and efficiency”;
  • On the rules for participation, criteria for the evaluation and
    selection of research actions;
  • The liability of participating consortia;
  • The general and preferential support to national fusion teams
    in the context of EurAtom research.

Other issues discussed during the Research
Council were a European space strategy, thermonuclear fusion, life
sciences and biotechnology, bioterrorism and COST (coorperation in
the field of science and technology).


The EU's framework programme for Research and Technological
Development, or 6th research framework programme, is a major tool
to support the creation of the European Research Area (ERA). To
support it, the Commission has also given proposals for specific
programmes and for rules of participation in the EU's research


  • Prior to taking the final decision, the Council is awaiting the
    European Parliament's position;
  • The timetable set by the Council for adoption of the two
    Framework Programmes is June 2002.


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