Discovery in monitoring major climatic events

Satellite monitoring of the nature, state and evolution of
Earth’s vegetation will help scientist to determine the impact of
major climatic events.  

The scientists of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) have developed
a new way (novel algorithms) to interpret data coming
from satellites used to observe Earth’s vegetation
productivity. This presents a major discovery in
determining the effects of extreme weather phenomena, such as
the heatwave and drought in summer 2003.

Analysing, for example, the remote sensing data before,
during and after the drought of summer 2003 shows that signs
of this severe phenomena were detectable already as early as
March 2003. World facing an accelerating clilmate change, “a
new development like this ensures that policy decisions in Europe
are made on the basis of sound scientific advice”, said science and
research commissioner Janez Poto?nik. 

The methodology has been transferred to the European Space
Agency for implementation. It may be adopted by the European
Environment Agency to improve monitoring of environmental

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