‘European Innovation Scoreboard’ to be launched in September

The ‘2001 European Innovation Scoreboard’ will highlight details of Member States’ efforts and achievements in the field of innovation. It will also show what factors contribute to a successful innovation climate and how the EU is performing in terms of innovation compared to the US and Japan.

The innovation scoreboard analyses statistical data on 17 indicators in four areas:

  • human resources;
  • knowledge creation;
  • transmission and aplication of new knowledge;
  • innovation finance output and markets.

Examples of indicators included in the scoreboard are: education and training, strategic vision on research and development, administrative simplification and protection of intellectual property rights.


The innovation scoreboard is being set up by the Commission following a request from the Lisbon Council in March 2000 to "turn the EU into the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world by 2010".


  • The innovation scoreboard will be published in September 2001 and then updated annually.
  • Following the publication in September the Commission will invite Member States to analyse the results through an open debate with business, professional associations, unions and academia.

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