Innovation capacity in EU under scrutiny

New report by Commission looks at how EU enterprises are managing dynamics of innovation in the context of globalisation

The Commission sees this report as part of its effort to promote innovation in society and to support the ability of regional, national and EU-level policy makers to develop Europe’s innovation capacity.

Although European firms show consistent performance in innovation, they do not yet match their main international competitors in the e-economy.


The Commission is of the opinion that EU enterprises must not only be open to innovation, but also realise its full potential. This is the only way that they will be able to survive and thrive in the knowledge-driven economy according to the Commission and Europe is still not realising its "first mover" potential.



The Commission has published a new report highlighting how EU enterprises are managing the dynamics of innovation. The report entitled "Building an Innovative Economy in Europe" reviews a number of trends in European innovation policy, and how these affect business competitiveness and growth. It looks at the ability of enterprises to cope with the fast-changing realities of globalisation and international competition.


In order to shed light on specific aspects of innovation policy, the Commission contracts a number of studies to aid policy-makers. As the first in a series of Innovation Policy Studies, the findings of 12 of the 2001 studies are now being summarised in the report "Building an Innovative Economy in Europe".


The Commission hopes that the studies will provide a robust basis for the formulation, monitoring and analysis of innovation policy. If successful, the studies will improve the Commission's analytical framework in the field of innovation.

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