Internal Market Council to focus on patents, the euro and Barcelona

The Consumer and Internal Market Council will on 1 March mainly focus on the community and software patents, consumer issues and the euro and preparations for the internal market discussions for the Barcelona Summit.

The Consumer and Internal Market Council is to focus on the following topics:

  • On Consumer issues:
  • Public debate on consumers and the euro: Implementation of the euro, consumer perception, potential price rises;
  • Age-labeling of video and computer games: The Council will be asked to adopt a resolution on the protection of consumers, and young people in particular;
  • Green paper on the protection of consumers: Commission will inform the Council of the outcome of the public consultations;

    On Internal Market issues:

  • Preparation of the Barcelona Summit - Internal Market questions: The Commission will present a report on 'The Lisbon strategy - Making Change Happen';
  • Resolution of the problems in the internal market (SOLVIT): Commission will present "an efficient resolution mechanism to solve problems in the internal market" and the Ministers will adopt its conclusions;
  • Community patent: The Council will take note of state of play and discuss this item over lunch to try to come to a political agreement on 21 May;
  • Utility model: The Council will be briefed on the state of the dossier;
  • Software patents: The Commission will present its recent proposal on this topic;
  • European Company Statute: the Council Presidency will present a report on this topic, a political agreement is hoped for by 21 May;
  • Standardisation in Europe: Council should approve conclusions of the Commission on the implementation of the Council Resolution of 2 October 1999 on standardisation in Europe.


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