Parliament backs Commission innovation strategy

On 3 October the European Parliament gave its backing to Commission initiatives in the field of innovation oriented research. It stresses the need for financial support and for the modernisation and improvement of innovation policy, placing more emphasis on SMEs.

The Parliament in adopting the communication:

  • Backs Commission initiatives in the field of innovation-oriented research, such as the European Research Area and the proposal for a 6th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development;
  • Stresses the need for financial support of innovation policy in Europe;
  • Stresses the need for the modernisation and improvement of innovation policy;
  • States that more should be done to eliminate shortcomings in the dissemination and promotion of innovation in Europe compared to the US and Japan;
  • Wants more emphasis to be placed on SMEs;
  • States closer ties the business and academic world should be encouraged so that indusrty can benefit from research
  • States researchers should be encouraged to move to industry to prevent a ‘brain drain’ to e.g. the US


In September 2000 the Commission presented its communication on innovation in a knowledge-driven economy to set broad policy guidelines for enhancing innovation in the EU. The five objectives of the Commission communication on innovation are:

  • coherence of innovation policies;
  • a regulatory framework conducive to innovation;
  • encourage the creation and growth of innovative enterprises;
  • improving key interfaces in the innovation system;
  • a society open to innovation.


Steps the Commission is to take according to the communication on innovation:

  • By end of 2001: identify and promote the use of good practices and formulate rules for adapting existing regulatory environments to make them more favourable for innovation;
  • By mid 2002: contribute to regular reporting on progress in improving the legal and regulatory framework;
  • Ongoing: adapt the rules for the diffusion of research results from publicly-funded research;
  • To be reviewed in 2002: put in place fiscal measures to encourage private investment in research and innovation and employment of researchers by the private sector.


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