Poto?nik to strengthen knowledge dimension of Lisbon


Europe must develop a specific ‘knowledge for growth
pact’ to reinforce the knowledge triangle: education, research
and innovation, says Commissioner Poto?nik.

Science and Research Commissioner Janez Poto?nik is calling for the development of a specific
‘knowledge for growth pact’ to complement the Stability and
Growth Pact. Ensuring macro-economic stability and fiscal
discipline is not enough to reach the objective of becoming the
world’s most competitive, knowledge-based society. Europe needs to
encourage innovation at micro-economic level and
to guarantee “relevant conditions and incentives” for private
knowledge-related investment.

The ‘knowledge for growth pact’ would be organised around a
limited number of quantitative objectives, which the EU and its
member states would commit themselves to achieving within a
specified timeframe. Actions taken should cut across policy areas
(internal market, education, enterprise etc.) and make use of a mix
of instruments (legislative action, funding and

Referring to the message of the Kok report on the review of the
Lisbon agenda, Poto?nik said that “the
current delivery gap demands that we take new, decisive action if
we are to get back on track”. “Action must be taken
immediately if we are to make up for lost time,” he added. The next
‘financial perspectives’ may well see the EU budget for
science and research doubled if the Commission’s proposal is

The new pact will be discussed in the next Spring European
council in March 2005. 

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