Researchers take centre stage on 23 September

A pan-European ‘Researchers’ Night’ on 23 September aims to make people re-think research and what it means in today’s society. 

In the framework of the six-month ‘Researchers in Europe 2005 initiative’, the night of 23 September 2005 is dedicated, all over Europe, to researchers. Various events are all open to public and aim to demonstrate why scientific research is the career of the future and why Europe is the place to pursue it.

Some interesting input on such EU’s efforts to stimulate research careers is provided by a worldwide survey conducted by the science magazine 
The Scientist
 on researchers’ working environments, experiences and expectations. According to the survey, the pay does not necessarily matter in the researchers’ choice of work. “Satisfying work” seems to be the key – as well as job security, for which both American and European researchers share a common need.

The survey also shows that strong ethics are important to researchers as the ‘best places to work in industry‘, ranked by scientists themselves, are “companies with strong ethics that show they appreciate workers”.

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