Science and society meet for a night

European researchers to celebrate their second pan-European researchers’ night.

Following the success of the Researchers’ Night 2005, the second pan-European event is set to take place on 22 September 2006. The aim is to give people the chance to meet researchers and experience science themselves.

The general public can visit laboratories, museums and academic and scientific institutions across Europe and is also invited to a number of artistic (music/theatre) events as well as more serious debates. “Give your grey matter a treat and take it out for the night!”, invites the Commission. The overall aim is to promote scientific culture in Europe, to make citizens feel more comfortable about science and technology and to create a more harmonious relationship between science and society.

TVLink Europe
, an internet portal for audiovisual journalists, wants to draw attention to “a clear minority among these scientists” – women, who often have difficulties in combining the two roles of a scientist and mother. 

Indeed, only 29% of EU scientists are female, only 18% make it to the private sector, 15% in universities and only 5.8% conduct research in the field of technology. A video presenting four European female scientist success stories is available at TVLink Europe.

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