REACH: A test case for better regulation?

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With the adoption of the Better Regulation Agenda on 19th May, the European Commission is taking first concrete steps in the definition of its policy.

This issue is expected to be heavily discussed in Parliament and Council in the following weeks, all the more since the Parliament has been very careful about the risk of better regulation being misused to remove environmental laws.

There is a growing interest across stakeholders for the application of the better regulation approach to the management of chemicals. The Commission, the Parliament, the Council and the industry have started to look into a more consistent interaction between REACH and workplace legislation. Trade unions have been vocal about speeding up the process of implementing relevant workplace legislation, encouraging the Commission to adopt exposure limits for a number of chemicals.

  • What are the most “burdensome” aspects of REACH authorization and how could they be tackled?
  • How do exposure limits contribute to a safe management of chemicals? Where are there duplications with REACH? What could be simplified?
  • How can workplace legislation and its effective implementation contribute to safe chemicals management? What synergies could be used between REACH and workplace legislation?
  • How can better regulation elements be applied in chemicals management in the interest of health and safety, environmental protection and competitiveness?

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