EU stimulates science careers for ethnic minority groups

The Commission funds a project to raise awareness of science and technology among ethnic minority groups across the EU.

In light of demographic developments which suggest that ethnic minorities are the fastest growing section of European society, it is crucial to help overcome stereotypes reinforcing the idea that only white, male and middle class pupils can become scientists. By choosing to co-fund the ETHNIC project, the first EU initiative aimed at raising awareness of science and technology among ethnic minority groups in the EU, the Commission takes an active step towards increasing the number of young professionals pursuing careers in science and technology.

ETHNIC will focus on sectors which were chosen on account of their importance to EU research and innovation: engineering sciences, information technologies and biotechnology. The target groups are children and young adults from ethnic minorities, their parents, and the science and technology community. The work will stimulate the interest of young pupils, while on the other hand lobbying the science and technology community to address ethnic equality issues.

Coordinated by the Austrian Bureau for International Research and Technology Cooperation (BIT), the ETHNIC consortium includes partners from Austria, UK, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia. The implementation will be carried out by the National Contact Points (NCPs) in close association with national experts from academia and industry in science and technology related issues as well as national experts and groups working with ethnic minorities.


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