Experience Readiness Level – Intersection of Arts and Technology in the New European Digital Era

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Today, we stand on the edge of a new era, powered by 5G, Industrial IoT and quantum computing. The challenge for the European Parliament, and for the whole of Europe, is to go further.

To help industry stay focused on human-centric economic progress, leading scientists have proposed that Europe adopts a formal policy approach to benchmark the human element of technology, what they call an ‘Experience Readiness Level, or ERL – to ensure that technology is always evaluated from a human perspective.

Technology Readiness Level – TRL – is a well-known tool used to describe the maturity of a technology. It was used as part of the Internet of Things, Large-Scale Pilots of the European Union. The programme developed the new concept of ERL, as result of cooperation between the Large-Scale Pilots and STARTS – the Science Technology and Arts Initiative of the Digital Single Market of the European Union.
By adopting Experience Readiness Level, the EU can ensure that the Digital Single Market puts humans at the centre.

On this 21st Century voyage of discovery, the European Parliament’s ITRE Committee is standing front and centre, advancing this new, digital future.

Read more on this from MEP Eva Kaili’s Op Ed here: Europe’s Experience Readiness Level – Navigating IoT and Arts in a New Digital World

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