EU agency: Number of migrants arriving in Italy rises 12% in July

Frontex has claimed that NGOs are collaborating with smugglers in bringing migrants to Europe. [Wikimedia]

More than 25,000 migrants arrived in Italy in July, 12% more than in the same period last year, EU border agency Frontex said on Friday (12 August).

Most of the migrants who made the trip across the Mediterranean from North Africa were Nigerians and Eritreans, Frontex said. The number of migrants arriving in the January to July period was stable compared to last year at 95,000.

Frontex said the quality of the boats people smugglers were using to transport migrants was deteriorating.

“In recent months, poor quality rubber boats accounted for four out of every five vessels used,” Frontex said in a statement.

“Many of the migrants spoke of being forced onto the dinghies and small wooden boats despite fearing for their lives.”

Greece considers migration 'emergency plan'

Athens is making “immediate and short-term” plans to cope with a possible increase of refugee flows, Greek media reported.

Barred from travelling further north by closed borders in France and Switzerland, many of the migrants are stuck in Italy.

More than 3,000 migrants are stranded in the financial capital Milan, its mayor said, as Switzerland and France tightened border controls.

Migrant arrivals through Greece were about 97% lower in July than last year, mainly due to a European Union deal with Turkey to stem the flow.

Turkish coup ‘increases’ migration flows to Greece

Migration flows from Turkey to Greece have intensified since the failed coup attempt in Ankara, according to official Greek data.

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