Commission threatens Italy with legal action over mistreatment of migrants in Lampedusa

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These images secretly filmed show migrants at a reception centre in the Italian island of Lampedusa. They are being sprayed for scabies after being forced to strip-naked in front of others.

The release of the footage, shot by a Syrian refugee, has caused outrage across Europe.

In Brussels, the Commission threatened the Italian government with legal action on Wednesday if poor conditions at reception centers don’t improve.

Some of the migrants in the video are survivors from one of the worst tgragedies that ever took place in Europe, when a boat carrying hundreds of migrants from African countries sunk off the shores of the Italian island last October. Over 300 people died.

Prime Minister Enrico Letta said they have already launched an investigation to shed full light on to what happened.
The commission also wants more details.

After the war in Syria and social unrest in Egypt and other African countries, the number of African migrants trying to reach Europe has increased substantially in recent months.

EU leaders are set to discuss migration policies at a summit in Brussels next Thursday and Friday.

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