Interview: Arte aims to take European TV to a global level

Arte France has always had a ‘European dimension’, says the alternative TV channel’s President Jérôme Clément (also vice-president of Arte), presenting his new project, Arte Global.

In an interview with EURACTIV, Arte France President Jérôme Clément has stressed that the channel’s innovative project, Arte Global, a new project set to take advantage of internet, ADSL and mobile-telephone technology, is “more technological than geographical, even if we wish more than ever to reinforce our European identity”. 

“Our approach, it remains the same: culture, creation, diversity, Europe…we are not a continuous-information channel chain like Euronews, France 24 or Deutsche Welle – creation is at the heart of our mission.” 

And does Clément envisage, then, that Arte’s broadcasts will be translated into many more European languages, given the ambitious aims in this direction of Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban? 

“All our programs are already in French and German,” he explains, “and multilingualism is expensive.” However, Clément says, it is possible when the countries concerned are motivated to integrate Arte’s programmes into their national scheduling, as is presently the case with around 15 central European countries and the Balkans, which subtitle or dub the programmes that Arte provides them. 

“We already studied the possibility of broadcasting a subtitled English version of certain programs to certain northern EU countries, but it is not easy to achieve if the cabled countries or networks do not take the costs of translation into acount. In any event, our cultural objectives are comparable with those of Commissioner Orban.”

Click here to read the full interview (in French).

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