Turkey no longer lost in translation

Turkish dictionary.jpg

Eager to push forward the country's EU negotiations, a Turkish business association has recently published an Intellectual Property Rights Dictionary containing 1,000 terms to be used in EU accession talks.

The dictionary, supported by leading Turkish business association TÜS?AD, comprises eight booklets, covering areas such as international agreements, intellectual property rights, inventions, designs, trademarks, geographical indications and domain names.

In each category, the terms are listed alphabetically in Turkish and then translated into English, French and German. International agreements are listed separately in the introductory section with the date of signature, amendment dates and membership position of Turkey.

To cite a few examples, the dictionary translates terms such as patent law, Patent Law Treaty, patent office, patent examiner, patent holder, patent database, transfer of patent, usurpation of patent, invalidation of patent and many more.

Kaan Dericioglu, a member of TÜS?AD's Intellectual Property Rights Working Group, which led the work, decided to put together the dictionary because of inaccurate or confusing translations of the same terms, both in legal regulations and in daily language.

In addition, confusion in terminology remained over international treaties related to intellectual property, the authors of the dictionary had found. These included agreements such as the Berne, Paris and Rome Conventions and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Copyright Treaty.

All the terms and concepts of the current laws and regulations have been analysed and indexed, Dericioglu said.

In a related development, the Italian Trade Commission in Istanbul has offered to sponsor an Italian translation.

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