Study: European citizens doubt Turkey in EU by 2020

According to a survey, most EU citizens expect an EU Constitution and more than 27 Member States by 2020, but doubt that Ukraine and Turkey will be members by then.

On 20 September 2006, the German Bertelsmann Foundation published a study on the future of the EU, carried out in 13 EU Member States. According to the survey, the majority of Europeans expect the EU to have more than 27 members by 2020. However, only one in three Europeans believe that Turkey or Ukraine will be among the new entrants.

52% expect that the EU will share a common economic policy, 39% see a common social policy and 35% expect a joint EU armed force. 65% believe that the EU will be governed on the basis of a common Constitution or that the treaties will be revised and only 15% believe that the EU will continue based on present agreements.

A surprise in France and the Netherlands, where the Constitution was rejected: the majority of people there expect a common EU Constitution as the future basis of EU governance.

European political leaders will convene on 22 September 2006 in Berlin at the International Bertelsmann Forum (IBF) to discuss the Constitution. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to deliver a keynote speech on European politics.

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