Pro-EU coalition narrowly leads Polish polls

The EU Parliament released on 1 March its EU elections’ projections, based on a cross-section of national polls. [Shutterstock]

Poland’s newly established pro-EU alliance ‘European Coalition’ leads the latest EU election polls with 37.5% of the vote. Ultra-conservative ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) sits on 36.3%, according to the second seat projections released by the European Parliament. EURACTIV Poland reports.

The EU assembly released on 1 March its EU election projections, based on a cross-section of national polls.

Poland’s centre-right Civic Platform (European People’s Party) recently joined forces with other opposition parties in a ‘European Coalition’ in order to challenge the ruling PiS party.

The pro-EU coalition is made up of a wide spectrum of parties from the left-wing to centre right. They include the Civic Platform (PO/EPP), Polish People’s Party (PSL/EPP), Nowoczesna (Modern/ALDE), the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD/S&D) and the Greens.

ALDE Group leader Guy Verhofstadt tweeted that “a coalition that can beat populists and make Poland influential inside the EU again – a role the Polish people deserve!”.

However, there are more pro-EU forces on the Polish political scene.

The new progressive force, the Wiosna party, would get third place if the elections were to be held today, as they currently garner 10.6%.

Another potential partner could be far-left outfit Razem (1.6%). But none of these parties, at least for now, is interested in forming an alliance with the European Coalition.

But it is not all rosy for the pro-EU force as PiS can also count on potential partners that could join their ranks.

One of them is populist Kukiz ’15, which is enjoying support of 7.3%, as well as Eurosceptic Confederation KORWIN Braun Liroy, which could get 5.1%.

[Edited by Sam Morgan]

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