Campus on Digital Freedom in Rome

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ECR Party invites you to its Campus on Digital Freedom in Rome (10-13 DEC) with Big-Tech executives and Tech professors. [S.Borisov/Shutterstock]

The European Conservatives and Reformists Party has put together the opportunity for young people to learn about the digital world for a reasonable participation fee.

Our photos, agendas, work files, online meetings, the news we read, the podcasts we hear, even our money, almost everything is online. As we face the digitalization of important aspects of our lives, opportunities arise, as well as risks. To face them, knowledge and important tools are essential. To control what we share, to ensure our security and privacy, our online reputation, to further our social media impact, are only a few aspects of what can be taught and learned in the digital plain. Conservatives love freedom and understand that knowledge is a prerequisite for it.

With that in mind, and to bring our extended conservative and reformist family closer together the ECR Party is putting in motion a series of campuses for conservatives and reformists all over Europe. The first subject is ‘Digital Freedom’. As the ECR Party believes that the new cannot exist without a clear and proud understanding of the past, and because this city needs no other reason, we bring you to Rome.

This gathering of conservatives and reformists from a diversity of nations allows for deeper collaboration and network between our members., All this in an atmosphere of curiosity and respect for the diversity of cultures and traditions that make the fabric of Europe.

ECR Party is offering an experience of 4 days, learning from top speakers coming from all over the world, including Big-Tech executives and noted academia. Our Campus will consist of lectures Saturday and Sunday morning, discovering the risks and opportunities that digitalization brings, changes in legislation, freedom of speech regulations, cybersecurity, digital grassroots campaigning strategies, and much more; panels composed of important politicians, and workshops during the early afternoons, so the students will still have free time to discover one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Our speakers are professionals with an extensive background in their fields, with Big-Tech executives like Martina Colasante, Google Public Affairs Manager; a Facebook executive to be announced; coming from the world of Academia Professor Hannes Gissurarson (University of Iceland) and Mr. Hocepied (EU commission expert and Namur University professor); intelligence and security experts Eman El Sheikh (Director of the Center for Cybersecurity in Florida) and Eyal Pinko (Retired Israel Navy Commander); or political advisors like Richard Murphy (Thatcher campaign manager).

Important conservative political figures from our party have already confirmed their participation in this event, including as of now Giorgia Meloni (ECR Party and Fratelli d’Italia President), Jorge Buxadé MEP (ECR party Vice-President and VOX Head of Delegation, Spain), Raz Granot (Chief Press Officer Likud, Israel), James Wharton (House of Lords, Conservative Party, UK).

The all-inclusive participation fee is 350 €. It will entirely cover flights, 3 nights of hotel, meals, a networking dinner, and all planned activities. The participants simply need to buy a ticket on the platform Eventbrite, the team will then arrange for them all the logistics.

With the greater conservative family brought together as well as some of our most important leaders let’s make Rome the European capital of Conservatism this December.

Campus on Digital Freedom in Rome [ECR Party]

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