Press freedom crisis in Greece and COVID-19 travel certificates

This week our podcast takes us to Athens, where things are getting quite shady when it comes to press freedom. Last month there was the mafia-style execution of an investigative reporter, Giorgos Karaivaz, and shortly after that, another journalist, Kostas Vaxevanis, reported to the police that he is receiving death threats. To shed some light on what is happening in Greece I’m joined by Luca Bertuzzi, EURACTIV’s digital and media editor.

And back in Brussels, we’re talking about the roll-out of the COVID-19 travel certificates. The Commission aims to have the digital green certificates in place by the end of June, in an attempt to return to free movement within the EU. To hear more about the plan I spoke with EURACTIV’s health reporter, Gierde Peseckyte.

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